How to book

Summer School Terms & Conditions

Booking a place

Fill in and submit the form below. We will check the availability of the workshop(s) you have chosen and send you a Pay-Pal request for the deposit and confirm your booking by email.

Your deposit

We request a deposit at time of booking. This is scaled depending on the full price of your workshop. Please see the guide below:

  • 2-day class full price £230 | deposit £50
  • 3-day class full price £350 | deposit £75
  • 4-day class full price £460 | deposit £100

The first £50 of your deposit will be non-refundable in the event of cancellation as we have administrative commitments to cover. However, you have the chance to cancel within 7 working days of the confirmation of your booking and have a full refund of your deposit.

Balance payment

The balance of the payment for the workshops must be made by May 30th 2022. We will send you another Pay-Pal request just before that time.

The Summer School reserves the right to change the workshop venue should circumstances make this necessary. Participants will be informed in good time.

How to make your payment

We prefer Pay-Pal payment but you can also pay by cheque. You must confirm with us that your chosen workshop is available before sending the check. Your place will be reserved for 7 days for us to recieve payment.

*NB As we use Pay-Pal please be aware that all refunds will be subject to the small Pay-Pal charge.

Make cheques payable to:

Bath Textile Summer School

Send to:

Lynne Roche

2 Lansdown Terrace

Lansdown Road

Bath BA1 5EF

Telephone: 01225 318042

Mobile: 0797 217 3953

Our cancellation policy

If you make a booking please let us know ASAP if you are not going to come, even if you haven’t yet sent the deposit.

If you need to cancel before the end of June 2022

If you are unable to attend, and let us know before 8 weeks of the Summer School start date, and if we can rebook the place, a refund (less the first £50 of your deposit) will be paid. If we cannot rebook, then no refund will be given. We run waiting lists and will make every effort to rebook the place wherever possible.

If you need to cancel after 3rd August

If you need to cancel within two weeks of the start of Summer School, we are sorry but we will not be able to offer a refund.

If The Summer School has to cancel a workshop, an alternative could be offered – if not acceptable, a full refund will be given. In the unlikely circumstance that the whole event has to be cancelled you will receive a full refund*. We are not responsible for any other costs relating to your time with us, eg travel or accommodation. 

Please make sure you please tick the relevant box on the booking form below to confirm
that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.

Bath Textile Summer School Booking Form

Please fill out the form below, taking care to make sure the box(es) for your preferred classes are ticked

* denotes essential information

Rosi Robinson (3 days) Pushing Boundaries in Batik: 15th-17th August 2022
Jenny Adin-Christie (4 days) Blue Wren or Peacock Etui: 15th-16th, 18th-19th August 2022
Jenny Adin-Christie (4 days) Blue Wren or Peacock Etui: 22nd-23rd, 25th-26th August 2022
Janet Bolton (2 days) Fabric Pictures: 15th-16th0th August 2022
Anne Kelly (2 days) House & Home: 22nd-23rd August 2022
Caroline Zoob (2 days) Paint into Stitch: 22nd-23rd August 2022
Caroline Zoob (2 days) Exploring White in Textile & Stitch: 25th-26th August 2022
Emily Jo Gibbs (4 days) Spherical Silk Purse: 22nd-23rd, 25th-26th August 2022
Anne Kelly (2 days) Mapping Your Travels: 25th-26th August 2022
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