Emily Jo Gibbs

"See how the shapes and colours
of translucent fabrics interplay and overlap creating depth

Emily Jo Gibbs

Illustrative Appliqué – working with translucent fabrics

4 days: 12th-13th, 15th-16th August 2024   Fee: £495

Explore how pieces and layers of translucent fabric can be built up to create different tones and colours, closely observing the subtleties. Create exciting compositions by moving pieces around, see how shapes and colours interplay and overlap creating depth.

Working through samples and using your own images, you will learn how to build a layered appliqué work and notice how changes in the order in which the fabric is layered and the thread colour subtly changes the outcome.  

Emily carefully guides you through how she uses a stab stitch action, for construction, then description, observing how stitch length, colour and direction change the nature of the line that you are making. This class suits all levels. You can work on a series of samples or tackle complicated compositions.

Class kit

For this class Emily will supply a selection of silk organzas for you to try samples and complete your own layered work. The cost is £25.

Visit emily's site to see more of her work and fo rthe chance to buy The Value of Making, her 28-page book, documenting seven portraits of seven contemporary makers.

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