Ali Ferguson

"You will be encouraged to capture your own thoughts and memories and find ways to incorpoarte them in your work..."

Ali Ferguson

Kitchen Tales – Cloth Collage

2 days: 19th-20th August 2024 FULL   Fee: £250

2 days: 22nd-23rd August 2024 FULL   Fee: £250


In this workshop you’ll spend two lovely days sharing kitchen stories, playing with deliciously scrappy vintage materials and slow hand-stitching to create a cloth story collage inspired by our theme - Kitchen Tales.

Ali will share the stories behind some of her own kitchen collages and then gently lead you through her process of gathering and playing with meaningful materials and then using words, motifs and simple hand stitching to create a piece that is personal and has story at its heart.

The inspiration for your collage will be a handwritten recipe printed onto fabric. Ali will bring along a selection for you to use or she’ll print your own personal recipe for you in advance of the course (details of this later). Working on an old woollen blanket background, Ali will demonstrate her relaxed approach to cloth collage where fabrics are ripped and layered, printed words are highlighted, and personal words are hand stitched. She’ll show you how to add a stitched motif or two – all adding to your Kitchen Tales.

As well as demonstrating the techniques throughout the workshop, Ali will work with you individually to create your own personal piece. You’ll be encouraged to capture your own thoughts and memories and find ways to incorporate them in your work. Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced stitcher, you’ll be shown everything you need to know. The workshop is suitable for all abilities.

Class kit

Ali will provide the woollen blanket background and a lovely collection of kitchen related vintage fabrics and papers for you to use – everything you need for a small charge of £10.00.

Visit Ali's site for more of her work and follow her on Instagram. as The Purple Thread Shed.