Rosi Robinson

"All skill levels can enjoy a variety of approaches to this traidtional technique of decorating fabric..."

Rosi Robinson

Pushing Boundaries in Batik

3 days: 12th-14th August 2024   Fee: £375

Explore traditional and modern techniques of batik. Discover how to develop them into both pictorial art forms, or purely expressive abstract designs. All skill levels can take a variety of approaches to this traditional Far Eastern resist technique of decorating fabric, using hot wax and fibre-reactive dyes.


Rosi will take you through different projects and will show you how to work individually from your own drawings or photos. During the workshop you will learn different methods of applying hot wax with a variety of tools. Learn how to etch (graffito), how to create texture by crackling and spattering the wax, how to apply colourful dyes by both direct dyeing (hand painting) and by dip-dyeing. Also how to fix the dyes, how to discharge and re-apply colour and how to remove the wax at the end of the process.

Class kit

There will be a £12 charge for materials. Rosi will supply a metre of cotton fabric, plus dyes and tools needed for the class. You can choose to work on silk at an additional cost.

Watch Rosi demonstrating her batik painting, Full Flight at Sunset, on BBC iPlayer.

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