Sue Stone

"You will develop your stories using
your drawings and/or photographs
as inspiration or as a starting point
for your work

Sue Stone

Every Picture Tells a Story

4 days: 14th-15th, 17th-18th August 2023   Fee: £495

In this workshop you will have fun exploring personal storytelling. The emphasis of the workshop is on hand stitch, but you will have the option to add machine stitch, appliqué and/or mixed media if you wish. The workshop will start with a short digital presentation looking at the different ways to use narrative elements in your work – from the substantial and serious to the light-hearted and whimsical.

Sue’s teaching style is one of individual, personal tuition throughout the workshop which is suitable for all abilities. The aim of the workshop is for you to tell you own story and to capture the essence of the people and places whose story you wish to tell.

During the workshop Sue will guide you through quick and easy ways to get started and share the simple methods she uses herself. You will learn how to combine images of people with text and other narrative elements. You will develop your stories using your drawings and/or photographs as inspiration or as a starting point for your work. You will explore design and composition and discover the added value of sampling. Sue will advise you how to stamp your own personality onto your work through your choice of colours, fabrics and threads and encourage you to experiment with different ways to use images and anecdotes to convey your ideas, thoughts or memories.

You will have the option to start a larger piece of work to develop over the course of 4 days or to start a series of smaller pieces. By the end of the workshop you will have the necessary skills to develop your own narrative work further and will have a piece of work started to work on further at home.

You are asked to bring a selection of drawings or photographs, text and/or anecdotes you wish to include or use as personal inspiration for your work. A full guide to choosing suitable images to work from will be sent out in advance of the workshop.

This workshop is suitable for all abilities. 

Sue Stone is best known for figurative, textural, stitched compositions that often feature a fish • a symbol of her heritage. Sue has exhibited her work worldwide and has taught workshops throughout the UK, in France, USA and Canada and teaches regularly online for She is an exhibiting member of the world renowned 62 Group of Textile Artists, an elected Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and a member of the European Textile Network.

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