Lorna Bateman Garden class

"Learn to design your own garden piece with confidence with a variety of 3D, raised and textured stitches..."

Lorna Bateman

Create a Garden

2 days: 26th-27th August 2021   Fee: £230

Lorna has a passion for flowers and this shines through in all of her work. She is also an enthusiastic gardener and draws much of her inspiration from her thriving country garden. Her beautiful new book is Embroidered Country Gardens.

What students will achieve

Students will learn how to design their own garden using sheets of drawn flowers, garden implements and features. It encourages those who feel perhaps unable to draw their own designs. It is suitable too, for more advanced students, who wish to design a larger piece. Once drawn up, you will be introduced to a variety of 3D, raised and textured stitches, and possibly simple stumpwork techniques, and will learn how to apply them to your own designs. In this way each person creates a piece that is uniquely their own.

Class kit

To help you create your garden Lorna has assembled a class kit, which includes: fabric, Embroidered Country Gardens thread collection, artists tracing paper, wool felt and stuffing for trapunto, stabilizer, needles and photographs, instructions and stitch glossary. Price £115.95.