Jenny Adin-Christie Blue Wren

"This stunning blue bird holds
a very special place in Aboriginal Dreamtime tradition

Jenny Adin-Christie

The Blue Wren Etui

4 days: 15th-16th, 18th-19th August 2022   

OR 22nd-23rd, 25th-26th August 2022       Fee: £460

Fully booked!

After teaching in Australia, Jenny has been inspired to create a partner to her ever-popular brown wren design – the Australian Splendid Fairy Wren. This stunning blue bird holds a special place in Aboriginal Dreamtime tradition. 

What students will achieve

You will construct the head plumage, chest feathers, wings and tail as panels to apply to a 3D printed body. Each piece uses Jenny’s design of elaborate and unusual stitches and specially sourced materials, including tweed, Italian Rayon tapes, metallics, pure silk threads and tiny blue sequins.

The Wren has solid bronze legs and beak with a tiny cutting blade. The wings form a needlecase and there is a slot in the Wren’s back to hold a waxer, modelled on one from Jenny’s collection of antique needlework tools. You can also work the mossy hillock as an extra, where you have the option to select a plain base or a base with a turning tape measure mechanism and linen tape measure.

Class kit

Jenny has a beautiful kit for the Wren at a cost of £150, plus VAT. She can also offer the base and exclusively designed accessories:

  • Wren kit £150 plus VAT 
  • Hillock £50 plus VAT 
  • Wooden base without tape £45 plus VAT 
  • Wooden base with tape £65 plus VAT 
  • Hand engraved silver waxer with choice of initial on one face and blue wren on the other £65 plus VAT

Full details of how to purchase these items and other stitching accessories will be sent to you at the time you make your balance payment.