Jenny Adin-Christie Peacock

"The peacock seems to sum up all that is magical about India, with its exotic patterns and stunning colours..."

Jenny Adin-Christie

The Peacock Etui &
Peacock Tail Needlecase

4 days: 15th-16th, 18th-19th August 2022   

OR 22nd-23rd, 25th-26th August 2022      Fee: £460

Fully booked!

My Peacock Etui is inspired by the ingenious 3D embroidered creatures by 17th century embroiderers and by my recent travels to India. As India’s national bird, the peacock seems to sum up all that is so magical about this country with its exotic patterns, stunning colours and fabulous sense of rhythm and life.

What students will achieve

You will learn how to create this unique design using an eclectic mix of fibres and techniques. The peacock’s tail depicts iridescent feather in padded satin stitch, needle painting and metal thread work using silks, gimp, chenilles, metal plates and metal purls, combined with sparkling Swarovski crystals. The tail is detachable, revealing a place to store your precious needles beneath. It can be worked alone as a stunning needlecase in its own right.

The body is worked over a 3D printed form with sterling silver beak and bronze legs, cast from my wax carvings in Hatton Garden, London. The body is covered using English wool tweeds embellished with stitch and sequins, with the neck worked in traditional needlelace using shaded cotton and metallic threads.


If you do not wish to work a whole peacock, the tail can be worked as a stunning needlecase in its own right, with a plain back panel, an additional internal pocket for etui scissors, and ribbon ties.


The class is suitable for those with some embroidery experience although there is no requirement for advanced knowledge as all students will be guided carefully through all the steps. You may not be able to complete your design within the week but will learn all the skills required to complete confidently at home, with the extra support of your written manual.

Class kit

Peacock Etui £185, Peacock Tail Needlecase £105. The kits contain all the threads,materials, needles and construction items, plus comprehensive instruction manual.

Full details of how to purchase these items and other stitching accessories will be sent to you at the time you make your balance payment.