Caroline Zoob (workshop 2)

"We will look at subtle variations in shade and how to add texture by layering fabrics and raising stitches..."

Caroline Zoob

Exploring White in textile & Stitch

2 days: 25th-26th August 2022   Fee: £230

Fully booked!

This is not a whitework embroidery class but a creative exploration of the possibilities of white. Caroline loves white-on-white, and in this workshop we will look at very subtle variations in the shade, and how to add texture by layering fabrics and raising stitches. She says, “I am inspired by faded, crumbling plaster and peeling paint, broken surfaces that throw out suggestions of a shape which you can develop into a bird, or tree, or outline.”

This is a lovely class for experienced embroiderers who want to build on their stitching repertoire and try something different.

What students will achieve

You will have access to a collection of pale and interesting antique linens, whitework, laces and threads, from which you will each make a piece of textile art: it might be a pieced panel of different antique linens, on to which you layer fragments of fabric and stitch. It might be representational, or abstract. For those who prefer to work with the techniques but want something more structured, Caroline will offer tracings and screen printed pieces for you to work from.