Anne Kelly

"Buildings are a rich source of design material for textile collages – the details are enjoyable to translate into stitch..."

Anne Kelly

House & Home

2 days: 22nd-23rd August 2022   Fee: £230

Fully booked!

Working with techniques and influences from Anne’s latest book, Textile Folk Art, you will be making a special piece inspired by architecture. Growing up in Canada, Anne’s work has been informed by her connection to folk art and North American quilts. You will use a variety of found textiles, techniques and stitch to create a textile collage representing a house of your choice. The course is suitable for all levels of creativity and ability.

What students will achieve

You will be making a layered textile collage, using recycled and newer materials. You can make a house/building and garden, or you can concentrate on the house. Buildings are always a rich source of design material for textile collage work – details like doors, windows and garden elements add character and are enjoyable to translate in stitch. 

Anne will help you translate your vision into cloth, developing your interpretive style. Sewing machines are not essential but can be used if desired for the embellishing stage.